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Salmon with herbs

Salmon with herbs

Salmon Herbal Recipe of 05-08-2011 [Updated on 24-05-2016]

I know that many of you are not lovers of fish-based dishes, but in my house in the summer we go on between recipes with vegetables and fish and this salmon with herbs is one of the most popular dishes of the season. Salmon with herbs is an easy, quick and light second course and has a really delicate taste, how can you not prepare it for an outdoor summer dinner? The cooking of this dish is usually done in the oven, but with the Romagna text and the glass dome I found the solution to not turn on the oven when it is hot. If you like to prepare fresh salmon fillets with a herb breading, this is my recipe, if you try it, you will see what it tastes like;)


How to make herb salmon

Wash and dry the aromatic herbs
Chop the herbs and mix them in a dish with the breadcrumbs, grated lemon peel and salt.

Bread the salmon fillets and set aside

Bake the salmon fillets with herbs by covering them with a gilo of oil in a preheated oven at 200 degrees and cook for 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can cook the salmon on the Romagna text covered with a drizzle of oil with the glass lid for 15 minutes

Turn the salmon halfway through cooking, they will be ready when you get a nice golden breading

Serve the salmon with herbs on a bed of salad adding a splash of lemon

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